A call to fasting – video and blog

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A call to fasting
By Donal Moroney

Video and blog


Have you ever felt strongly that something was supposed to happen? You were so sure you had heard from God? You waited, you prayed, you waited some more, and nothing. Then the questions started: Did I miss God? Was that just me and the cheese I ate the night before? Why isn’t anything happening? Why are the metaphorical doors closed when God seemed to be telling me they would open?
In Mark Chapter 9, a father brought his son to nine of Jesus’ disciples. The boy was demonized and epileptic, and even though the disciples had healed people before, they couldn’t heal him. When the disciples brought the boy to Jesus and he was healed, they asked Jesus this question, “Why couldn’t we do it?” Jesus answers in verse 29, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything except by prayer and fasting.”

Perhaps there are things that God desires to happen in the life of our church and our lives and ministry that won’t happen unless we accompany prayer with fasting. Fasting draws us more intimately into the presence of God, breaks strongholds, liberates people, and moves us into a realm of realising God’s power in our lives.

The more time you are spending with God, the more you’re going to see the hand of God on your life in an extraordinary way. You may not feel different; you may not even see the answers to your prayers, but there is a spiritual change.

We like most people around the world have been living with a deadly virus (Covid 19) for almost a year now. During that time we have in the UK experienced three lockdowns, a whole raft of measures ranging from the completely draconian to the exceptionally inconvenient. The lockdowns and associated restrictive measures have been necessary due to the fact that unprecedented numbers of people have tragically lost their lives and many more hospitalised with severe symptoms.

However, even though we are continuing to live through the coronavirus nightmare, in God’s gracious providence a nationwide vaccine programme has been rolled out, and is offering light at the end of what has been a very long and dark tunnel. It is our way out of this pandemic, but even though we can now see a way out it is likely to be many months until life for us can return to anything vaguely resembling normal.
In light of the above, is there anymore that we can be doing as Hope church? Obviously, we need to continue steadfastly in prayer, but I also think that there is a weapon in our armoury that we could consider using now. I’m talking about fasting. I am increasingly sensing that as we individually and corporately combine fasting with our prayers we will experience greater depths of intimacy with Jesus, and incredible, supernatural breakthrough on so many different levels, individually and in our nation.

I (with the full backing and support from the leadership team ) thought that it would be prudent and timely to write a series of blogs on the spiritual discipline of fasting.

Church Prayer Meeting
The Blogs are intended to give us a biblical grounding and some helpful/practical advice on fasting in preparation for a church wide prayer meeting that will be taking place on
MARCH 28TH FROM 19:30-21:00 .

On this day we are encouraging those who wish to participate in a time of fasting culminating in the prayer meeting in the evening.

The structure of the blogs will be as follows….

Part 2: What is fasting?– Giving a definition, laying a biblical foundation, looking at different types etc…

Part 3: Why fast? – Looking at fasting as an expectation – not a command! Explaining the purpose and giving reasons.

Part 4 How to fast – giving practical guidelines, highlight benefits.

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