Advice for this season from those who know!

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Hello !! πŸ‘‹
How is everyone today ?

A few people had asked of we have any tips for surviving this funny old time we’re in …having been extremely restricted ourselves since 2015.

I didn’t know what to share at first as each person’s journey is different and ours won’t look like yours especially as we’ve been dealing with chronic illness as the reason for the restriction.

But then I thought I could tell you what WE do and if it helps you great!

So we have plenty of not great days but this is what tends to happen on a good day or week.

I try to get up early to have quiet time . For me that means connecting with God . I often write my thoughts and feelings down ( type them into my PC then can say what I like , delete it afterwards and not cause trauma to anyone might read it after my demise)
We try to have a routine a time when you can do anything making a structure helps . But the elements can be interchangeable and moved around like blocks.

As an OT I was trained to ask people what most brought them to life and to build it into their days or week to keep well -being topped up . For each person it was different . For me writing, tending to plants on our balcony ,connecting with friends and family and doing my nails (amoungst other things) give me life. So I try (don’t always do it ) to build those things in.

We try to do at least one thing a day that we both enjoy …usually watching an episode of a great box set. Well chosen tv / films a life saver. Not so much mindless watching of tv. For us anyway.

A roast meal once a week ( a fave of ours)

Regular prayer together. As much laughter as we can make or find together.

Sowing seeds in our balcony pots. Making up stories. Reading alone or together .
Really intentional things . Different things for everyone

Some days I just feel tired and sad and being intentional is tiring . Thats ok. I just let myself feel that and sometimes have a cry. Then we distract ourselves again and don’t stay there too long. .

The real secret in our lives is something called ” Soaking prayer ” . Obviously not everyone believes and that fine. But this is our journey . I’m sure alot of you know what it is ..but for those who don’t … It’s the opposite of performance. It’s getting comfortable ( lying down for me ) putting on some quiet music and asking God to fill you and give you more strength. Letting your body and mind rest .
For those who don’t believe in God , just stopping, slowing down and resting to quiet music or using relaxations techniques can help to reset.
I always have more energy after that.
Try to eat lots of fruit and veg but throw in a treat too.
Well …that what I do.

What about you ?
It’s seriously hard for us being confined but with some intentional activity and planning it can be ok and even rewarding.

PLEASE don’t think I’m telling you should do what we do. I’m simply sharing what had worked for us. And we don’t always do it either. Sometimes I just look at face book πŸ˜‚.

Praying for all who find themselves in new territory. May you find the love grace and strength that we have found to carry on.

With much love

Glen and Christa xxxxx
Obviously I have to do housework cooking, caring duties etc! But not ALL the time …

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