A call to fasting – video and blog

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A call to fasting By Donal Moroney Video and blog Introduction: Have you ever felt strongly that something was supposed to happen? You were so sure you had heard from God? You waited, you prayed, you waited some more, and … Read More

What is new about the New Testament Part 3

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By Rob Lampard Recap This blog continues my series entitled What’s ‘new’ about the New Testament?  In part 1 we considered why this is an important question for us and looked briefly at how the New Testament itself answers our … Read More

How Islam hangs together

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By Rob Lampard Islam claims to be God’s final revelation to mankind, made known through the prophet Mohammad.  This revelation comes partly through Mohammad’s way of life, known as the Sunnah; partly through his sayings and teachings, known as the … Read More

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