Books for this season. Dominion by Tom Holland

Yesterday I started a short series on books worthy of investing time in during social isolation. Todays offering is for those who want a meaty read, something that will keep you enthralled for many hours. It is Dominion by Tom Holland. I read it last year and it took many hours. It needs to be thought of as an investment rather than a light read…….

Tom is an academic writing an academic book about the impact Christianity has had on contemporary culture. He admits that when he started the book, he wasn’t a believer but from the conclusion of the book and subsequent interviews it seems that he probably is now.

Joel Virgo has produced an excellent review, which I cannot better so I recommend you read it rather than me say anything more about the book.

Joel says, It’s one of the most stimulating books of history you’re likely to come across. I totally agree.

I think it is excellent value for money at £13.89 for the hardback

£10.99 for the kindle version.


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