Maundy Thursday and Foot Washing

Refreshing Foot Washing Gifting   What is more important?  – filling a gap by serving on the churches programme or fulfilling a God-given gifting?   This Easter I was asked what does Maundy Thursday mean and I didn’t have a … Read More

Alive with Worship?

‘My soul is Alive with Worship’ is the line of the chorus of a Simon Brading (Newday Worship) song that we have sung a few times in Hope Church. I often wonder how ‘Alive with Worship’ some people feel at … Read More

The Holy Spirit Unites

This blog post links to a sermon preached on Sunday 14th October 2018 – Listen below   Have you noticed how our society craves unity? Jeremy Corbyn turns up at Glastonbury and promises to unite the country. Football clubs bear … Read More

Being Colour Blind

In two separate contexts in the last week I have heard Christian leaders say that they are “colour blind”, by which they mean that when they look at someone they do not see their colour, or their background, they just … Read More

Babel and Pentecost rethought

For many years I had understood and taught that the day of Pentecost, Acts 2, where everyone heard the gospel in their own language was a reversal of the curse of Babel, Genesis 11, where God scattered the people across … Read More

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