People of Hope – Gill and taking time out

It strikes me how many things in life we take for granted. Sunsets.  Flowers.  Shelter.  Getting from A to B.  Sunshine.  Rain.  Friendship.  Companionship.  Creation.  Just to name a few.  Yet, so often in life we get so busy, rushing … Read More

People of Hope – Sue and Azalea

I know God’s heart is towards the poor because I read over and over, from the beginning of the Bible to its end, of God’s care with instruction to provide for all, especially the poor and marginalised. Also during periods … Read More

People of Hope – Phyl and Signposts

Writing my first blog feels a little scary! I regularly read inspiring and interesting blogs written by others and if I am honest have never felt the urge to write. Tony asked me if I could write something so here … Read More

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