The Importance of Prayer

I am increasingly being challenged by God about the importance of prayer. This is something that has been going on for many years, not just a recent thing. When I was preparing to lead a church for the first time, … Read More

The Challenge to Pray

Everywhere I go it seems God is speaking to people about prayer. This is certainly true for me. Before the Summer I preached from the book of Hosea, it was the first time I had preached through that book. The … Read More

Ignite @ Newday 17

We really have had an amazing week. I was blown away by the goodness of God. One of our young people went to the front to make a first time commitment to God, many others had powerful encounters. 2 healings for one … Read More

Healing Testimonies from January

Over the last month we have had a ‘Focus on Prayer’. During the fourth week Ben preached on ‘Healing’ which you can hear again by clicking here. We also had 2 Praying for Healing prayer meetings and below are some of … Read More

New Year, New Adventures, Prayer Required! Part 2

Building on what I wrote last week about our daily walk with God. Each of us has an individualised day planned by God, our walk’s experiences will be different, our interactions will be different for example: When we wake up … Read More

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