Hope Church wants to play its part in working together with different parts of the local area our centre is based in. Working with  different religions and ethnicities to support improving the local community of High Town. Hope Church Centre is a base for the High Town Community Worker. Their role is to work with High Town residents and local organisations to facilitate practical social action, improving knowledge and communication in the area and help bring people together to build a more cohesive community. Some of the projects we have already been involved with are High Town Festival, High Town Big Lunch, Cultural Evenings, Community Quiz Nights, Friends of High Town, High Town Gardening and Clean Up Days and improving the communication of what goes on in High Town. Check out www.hightownluton.com for more information about the area.


We are looking for a community worker for High Town, someone who will be active in improving communication, supporting events and welcoming new residents to the area. A little more detail on each of these follows:

  • Communication – There are numerous communication networks, which connect the High Town community to events happening in the area and ultimately to each other. These include a ward wide newsletter, currently distributed twice a year and a website – Hightownluton.com. These valuable resources have potential, which we hope you can help us realise.
  • Supporting Events –There are some specific community events, which need support (in particular the High Town Festival), which bring the whole community together creating a space where old friends can re-connect and new relationships can be formed across the community.
  • Welcome – we recognise the diverse and ever changing nature of the High Town population. We want to put special effort into connecting with those who have recently moved to the area, with a particular focus on refugees and asylum seekers, welcoming them to their new home and community, and enabling them to get stuck in with all they have to offer to their new neighbours.

You will need to:

  • work with local people and neighbourhood organisations – including people and groups with a diverse range of faiths and ethnicities;
  • facilitate grassroots community action;
  • participate in in-house training and support provided by Hope Church

Outline details:

  • Initially 16 hours / week.
  • Salary: £10 ph
  • Closing date: 15th September 2017
  • Interviews: Friday 29th September 2017


For more information and how to apply download the documents from the link below:

Click here to view the High Town Community Worker Briefing Pack [PDF]


We would like to thank Near Neighbours who have provided us with a grant to continue this work. Click here to find out more about Near Neighbours.