Hope Church wants to play its part in working together with different parts of the local area our centre is based in. Working with  different religions and ethnicities to support improving the local community of High Town. Hope Church Centre is a base for the High Town Community Worker. Their role is to work with High Town residents and local organisations to facilitate practical social action, improving knowledge and communication in the area and help bring people together to build a more cohesive community. Some of the projects we have already been involved with are High Town Festival, High Town Big Lunch, Cultural Evenings, Community Quiz Nights, Friends of High Town, High Town Gardening and Clean Up Days and improving the communication of what goes on in High Town. Check out www.hightownluton.com for more information about the area.
Find out more about the role and what sort of project have been taking place in this interview:



Contact: hightowncommunityworker@gmail.com