We believe that all Christians should be part of a Christian community which is more than just attending a weekly worship service. They should be part of a group of friends where they can know and be known; love and be loved; serve and be served.

We provide such opportunities through our two “Community Areas”.  Each community area has whole area activities as well as small group activities. They provide multiple and varied opportunities for friendship, encouragement, spiritual growth and mutual support. They are geographically based and roughly divide Luton into the North and the South.








Led by Mike and Jane Reynolds We are ‘family together’ loving God, loving and supporting each other and looking to be family to our friends and the communities in which we live and work. “ ..local churches are called to … Read More


Led by Anne and Tony Thompson We  are a diverse group of Christians who are seeking to build relationships, to grow in our faith and to support one another as we outwork our discipleship. We have a number of Life … Read More