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I believe strongly that we need to embrace this season rather than deny what is happening, get angry or depressed about it. To do this we need to be positive, structure our time and invest some of it in learning new things.

There are other blogs suggesting books you might read in this season. This blog introduces several Christian courses that are being made available free of charge on the internet now. I would encourage you to consider investing sometime each day in doing a Christian course.

Here are some suggestions –

This gives you access to two courses.

Emotionally healthy relationships, an 8 session course with each session lasting around 30 minutes. It refers to other resources, but these are not essential to benefit from the course. The aim of the course it to equip us to build healthier relationships of all types. It is very practical and down to earth.

Emotionally healthy spirituality is another 8 week course with each session around 20 minutes long. This course focuses on your relationship with God, again in a practical and down to earth way.

Tom Wright, also known as N.T. Wright, is one of the best and most respected biblical scholars of today. This is a course based on his classic book Surprised by hope. It focuses on what the Bible says about the age of come, our future hope. After each lecture there is a question and answer to check you have understood what is taught. You can sign up for a free two week trial.

How about giving your time to study one of the most challenging yet stimulating books of the Bible – Revelation! There is a link to an excellent introductory commentary on the book and to a series of lectures that I attended on the book last year. If you want to follow the lecture course get in contact with me and I will forward you the lecture notes that accompanied the course. There are 8 lectures each of around 90 minutes, so it is a considerable investment of time. However, it will open up this elusive book in an incredible way.

These are a few of the resources currently available. Set yourself a challenge, try something new, invest your time in something to help you grow as a christian!

Tony Thompson


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