Hope Church is currently engaged in a number of projects which involve building bridges with people from other cultures in Luton.  

Some examples are regular children’s events including holiday clubs based on stories from the Bible. The children who come are usually from a wide range of different ethnicities and faith backgrounds to get involved in a range of activities including sport, craft and games.  

Some of our helpers are involved in supporting a Saturday morning high school girls group with teenagers from Asian backgrounds.  We have regular events with a local organisation called the FEAST in which girls from Hope Church meet with girls from Muslim backgrounds to share different aspects of their faith, build relationships and learn from each other. 

We have recently started looking at ways of focussing on a cross-cultural ladies ministry. This includes a group for people from different backgrounds to share aspects of their faith, build community and discuss issues that are important to every day life such as family, bringing up children and education.  

The aim of these activities are to build community, develop closer relationships with people from other ethnicities and faith backgrounds and demonstrate the love of God.