Deposits of Faith

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Returning from church on Sunday fresh from the word about God giving deposits of faith, I sat down for a few minutes to pray about the questionnaire Rob Lampard and I were going out to do around Biscot on Monday morning.  

I ask God to reveal some of the people we were to speak to. As I did three different descriptions came to mind which I wrote down. We were not going out to specifically ‘treasure hunt’ or pray with people, it would be an extra, if opportunity arose. I can’t not take these opportunities but I was very conscious of not causing offence, we were there to build bridges and find out information. It has been years since I have been treasure hunting or prayed with people on the streets of Luton, but God gave me a picture some years ago of people praying by the Co Op in Biscot and I want to discover just what that might mean.

Monday came and one of the first people we met along Biscot road was a guy in jeans and a red jumper. This wonderful treasure did not want to talk about his views on Biscot, that didn’t matter, another time perhaps. I was able to chat with a wide range of people from diverse ages and cultural and religious backgrounds, and I began to understand a measure of the feelings people had towards they area. Some people talked openly and invited prayer into their situations. Others struggled to find the words in English.

After an hour or so Rob and I parted to return to our respective homes. It was on my way home that I had my best conversation. I found myself walking behind a lady who had declined to answer the survey because she had to get to the dentist. I was drawn to her dress, one with bright flowers.

 ‘That’s the flowery dress’ I realised God was saying. (Yes it was on my list)

”But she didn’t want to talk she is on her way to the dentist, she will think I’m stalking her’

This young Muslim lady with her child stopped at the bus stop. I walked by.

‘That’s the flowery dress, just tell her I love and care for her’


Turning round I walked back to the lady.

“I’m sorry to disturb you. I promise I’m not stalking you, it’s just that I feel God wants to tell you he loves you.” 

I had her attention and she wanted to hear more. I explained I was from Hope Church and about the dress. She wanted to know if I read faces and I explained that I believed God speaks to us today and that God had given me a picture of her dress the day before when I was praying. As we talked she revealed why the massage was important to her and how perfect the timing was. 

I left her further on her journey with God, smiling and encouraged having brightened her day. Her face and countenance were changed. 

Me, I was humbled, encouraged and excited all at the same time as I praised and thanked God on my way home. 

Deposits of faith, no matter how small, when exercised grow. 

Looking forward to my next adventure in Biscot.

Written by Jane Reynolds

  1. Peter Robinson

    Interesting to see that you only spent an hour here before leaving I have lived in the Biscot area for 50 years and watched the slow decline in community spirit in the area. When I moved in most people owned their own houses and the door to neighbours was always open. you could ask your neighbour to look after your house and feed the cat. But now we live behind closed doors 75% of the houses are rented you don`t know your neighbour as they range from East European to Muslims to Terrorists. I do have soon Muslim neighbours that I can talk to and share. In the past Muslim neighbours have sent us Christmas cards and we have sent Eid cards. But now some of the latest neighbours to move in simply ignore us. We feel that things here are not going to get any better that is one of the reasons why we are selling up and moving to County Durham I feel God calling me up that way. It is not for the want of trying to share the Word. I personally would not have mentioned God in the first sentence can scare some people off.

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