Encounter Camp 2019 Stories

Encounter Camp is for anyone with life controlling issues that need a breakthrough from God which includes men and women of all ages. Each year in July people gather from all around the U.K. for a week of safe, friendly camping. This is the second year we have taken people from Open House Lounge, our drop in cafe that runs at the church here. It is a Christian camp with a difference as there were around 200 people attending, we took 10 people this year. God did amazing things in all of us, for me it was a privilege to pray for each of them and get to know them better and real breakthrough in my own life over the last few years and being on camp this year was a chance to celebrate what God has been doing in me and what he will continue to do. 

One of the guys we took to camp came out of his tent one lunch time and said ‘I have just surrendered my life to God and prayed for him to come into life.’ That afternoon there was a seminar on breaking free and the guy leading had a word of knowledge for this guy and a girl came up next also with a word of knowledge for the same guy. Another guy we took had not been to church before apart from Weddings and Funerals. He came to at least two meetings a day and heard how Jesus had changed peoples life around. He really enjoyed the camp as he felt it was a safe place to be and he felt loved. 

James (my husband) also enjoyed Encounter camp, as he really understood what it meant for God to be our Father, that God is the perfect Father and no earthly Father can stack up to our Father God. James also learnt to do a bit of rapping. David one of the non-Christians we took decided that Jesus was the only way to God and he has been sharing with people how he knows God personally. He was also touched by the way God was working in other people’s life on camp. He was baptised recently and is now living in Telford. He has moved to Telford to continue his recovery from drugs and to learn more about his relationship with God.

Everyone who went to camp moved forward on their journey with God, whether that was learning more about who God is, become a Christian and joining the family of God or having a deep assurance of God’s love. 

Being involved in Open House is exciting, whether it is helping a person smile that day or cooking a meal for someone in need, or seeing somebody gain employment after been out of work for a while. There are some heart-breaking times too, when a person returns to drugs who has been clean for over a month or one of our members passes away. But in all things God is present and he loves each person who comes into Open House.


3 ways in which you can be involved:

Pray – prayer changes things, pray for the volunteers and people who come into Open House. We have a whatapp group to pray for Open House text me if you want to be part of it contact Sarah 07868704670.

Visit – Come and meet people, talk to people sit and listen with people, or play pool or some boardgames. Mondays and Wednesdays 10am – 3pm and Saturday mornings 9am – 12pm. Just pop in for a visit.

Volunteer – the more volunteers we have the more impact we can have on people’s life, God doesn’t need to use us but he does because he wants us to be co-workers with Him. Minimum volunteering 2 hours per month. Contact me if you wish to get involved.


Written by Sarah Hibbard


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