First Year of Understanding Islam

We are coming to the end of our first years training on “Understanding Islam”. Around 20 people from across the country have gathered to learn more about Islam to enable them to be more effective reaching out to their Muslim neighbours in our multi-cultural nation.

They have received teaching from Muslims from different backgrounds, Imams and lay people as well as from Christians with vast experience of working with Muslims in this nation and overseas.

Those who attended said they found the following particularly helpful.

  • How Muslims feel about being a Muslim in the UK and what life can be like for Muslims.
  • Quran teaching from an Imam
  • Differences of Honour/ shame as opposed to forgiveness/guilt
  • Muslims are as diverse in their understanding of their faith as are Christians.
  • How history has led us to where we are today, understanding the last 100 years of history and politics.
  • The importance of contextualising stories and language.
  • Muslims are interesting people.

Would you like to know more about Islam and Muslims? Do you know other people who would? In which case please consider signing up for next year’s course.

There are 10 Saturday sessions between October and July all held at Hope Church Centre.

Further information is found at

To register an interest or ask any question email:

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