Further thoughts about Jesus’ mission and therefore ours.

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In previous blogs and sermons, I have talked about the emphasis this Luke places on the mission and Jesus and therefore our mission. This blog flows on from the blog on Luke 10 v1-24 on how Satan was seeking to thwart that mission.


In the rest of the chapter Luke reminds us again what the mission was that Satan was trying to stop.

It starts with a parable in answer to the question, who is my neighbour? The hero of the parable, which I am sure doesn’t need to be repeated, is a Samaritan, who is the last person the Jewish reader expected, a Samaritan. Someone not considered to be part of the people of God. The Samaritan, who makes great sacrifices to help the man who is beaten up, represents Jesus in the parable. Jesus reaches out to all who are in need, which is everyone, we should do the same. Everyone is our neighbour.

This is followed up by the incident where Martha is doing the cultural appropriate role for a woman or serving in the kitchen, Mary is with the men listening to the teaching of Jesus which was not appropriate. Martha calls Mary out on this but Jesus supports Mary. Not only is everyone our neighbour, but everyone can sit at Jesus feet and learn from him.

As Paul later picks up in some of his letters, we are all united in Christ, whatever ethnicity, social class, or gender. The mission of Jesus is to make disciples of all, to be found by him and then taught by him. That is the mission we have too.

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