Holiday Club Superheroes Assemble!

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I had the pleasure of being a Holiday Club helper, both in the month leading up to, and on the day of the 29th May. The theme was superhero’s and followed the adventures of Elijah. I was warmly incorporated into the development, collaboration of ideas and creativity were welcomed, and together the plan for the day took shape. The lead up saw lots of creating, constructing, and organising. Nonetheless, this was done in good-spirit and humility by the team, and the weeks flew by in anticipation.

On the day it was all systems go from the 10.30am start. As the doors were opened, masses of parents and children 4-11 years came through to sign in.  The kids were met with a bounty of opening activities: crafting superhero wristbands, playing tug of war, limbo, and other games. Most were enthusiastically kitted out in their favourite superhero costumes, and even some of the adults got in on the fun!

Throughout the morning, children were invited into the world of superhero’s and dimension/time travelling Chair. This was through props, videos, and puppets. Everyone’s favourite puppet villain ‘Red Kev’ made his appearance, as he taunted his new evil plans to be foiled!

We were then treated to a live drama, showcasing the story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal, and with interactive effects to bring the story to life. To test what they remembered, the children began an exciting team obstacle course full of foam, running, and answering quiz questions on the story. This was a lot of fun and encouraging to see so many remembering key information. This was followed by story-related crafts, games, and lunch.

The activities continued in the afternoon, with part 2 of the Elijah story and hearing God in the whisper rather than the wind, fire or earthquake. This transitioned into a team maze quiz challenge, and then an array of crafts and games, tailored between 3 age groups. Making T-shirts and going through a swamp obstacle course, using gym equipment, were favourites of the kids; the latter a fun challenge for the adults!


Having seen the effort and care is taken by the team to imagine, plan, construct, buy, cook, pray and assemble these activities, it is rewarding to see it come together. It is heart-warming to see multitudes of children enjoying themselves, and for the ethos to be rooted in the principles of God’s great love and power.

It is an amazing blessing and opportunity for many unchurched children, and friends in the Muslim community, to feel comfortable and welcomed at a Bible-based event; whilst having an enjoyable time.

Every member of the team, and those who stand in prayer, are to be commended for their commitment and enthusiasm. It takes a lot of input to allow each holiday club to thrive, however, by the favour of God, this has been provided. Please continue to pray for the work of Holiday Club, and if you would like to be a part, do get in contact – we would love to hear from you!


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