I Have A Dream…

Is some ways my dream is not unlike that of Martin Luther King Jr’s from 1963. My dream is to see an end to prejudice and end to shame. My dream is to see people set free and able to live in the reality of their real identity in Christ, as sons and daughter of the living God, heirs of all the promises of Christ.


I wonder how long it took for the prodigal son to be able to live in the reality of the loving acceptance of his father, who really didn’t want his past life or mistakes to weigh on his future. I also wonder how long it took the elder son to realise he was living in the fullness of his fathers love but limiting it because of his own attitudes and restriction he had placed on himself?


God shows us he is an incredible loving and gracious Father and He asks that we will extend that love and grace to all, especially those who do not know about his love, so they might experience it. He asks us to be that outrageous Father who runs to meet his son, undignified and risking wagging tongues and the disapproving glances of the villagers.


There are many people inside our churches hurting and they are struggling to live in the freedom that Christ has for them because of the fear or shame. There are people who want to connect with the living God or who are searching for help or friendship but do not look where they can find true life because of fear or shame.


I have a dream… to see the church become more and more like the loving father and risk being misunderstood and talked about! As part of my journey in this Jesus has asked me and others to engage with a specific group of people who he cares about very much : Those women and their partners who are facing a crisis pregnancy: Women and their partners who have had an abortion: Women and their partners and families who have suffered a miscarriage, cot death or their child has died. He has called and commissioned me to start a work to help bring Isaiah 61 to Luton. In order to do this a small group of us are setting up a charity called Love For The Family.


Love for the Family has four areas that we would love you to pray for and think about getting involved with.

  1. Crisis pregnancy support.

A safe space for women and men to come and talk about their situation, reflect on their circumstances and feelings, and find out about their options.

2. Baby Basket.

Practical help for families in need. Including donated new and used clothes and items to help with the first year of life.

3. Post abortion recovery.

We have Christian and non religious, group or 1:1 courses that will help women and men connect with their experience and bring healing and hope into their lives.

4. Baby Loss.

Loosing a baby or child at any stage is traumatic. We are looking to partner with other agencies as well as using Infant Loss training to help and walk along side those experiencing loss.


If you have any further questions or would like to be involved in this exciting new project please get in touch jane@loveforthefamily.org.uk or come to our information evening on Monday 27th January 2020. 7.45pm @ Hope Church, Villa Road, Luton. More information will be available on our web site very soon.


Written by Jane Reynolds

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