Ignite which is our youth activities at Hope Church is for anyone who falls into the 12-18 age bracket. The programme consists of Sunday Mornings and fortnightly Friday evenings. (Click here for more information about Fridays)
On Sunday mornings we meet at 10:30am at Hope Church Centre and the youth normally go out after the worship has finished. In these times we like to delve into the bible together. We want to encourage our young people to build secure relationships and to move forward in their spiritual life.
We recognise that the youth are an important part of the church family and so encourage our young people to get involved in serving and wider church activities.

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In the summer we go to an event called Newday, that gathers 1000s of young people from across the
UK, you can get more information about this go to http://newdaygeneration.org


The Feast

We are involved with a charity called ‘The Feast’ which brings young people from different faiths and cultures together. Go to http://www.hopechurch.co.uk/community/the-feast/



Read Our Safeguarding Policies (Click here)


Want to know more?

For further details contact our Youth Leader –  Linda Geevanathan