Letter from Chris & Christine


We moved to Luton as founder members of Hope Church nearly 17 years ago.  It has been a privilege to have been a part of the Hope Church story and to have been able to play an active role in its creation and what it has become today.

Over the years, there have been times, for various reasons, when we wondered whether it was time to move on from Hope.  However, God has always, in some cases quite dramatically, stepped in and made clear that it was not time to do that, so we have remained at Hope and continued to support and serve the church.

Over the last 2-3 months, we have once again come to a place of looking at moving on, feeling that we have come to a point where we have given all we can to Hope and that it is now time to move on into something else.  We have felt God’s permission and His peace in this and have therefore made the decision to leave Hope. Leaving a family, as we consider Hope Church to be, is never easy, and not a decision we have made lightly, but we do feel it is the right one for us.

We will be part of Bethany Church in Harpenden with Neil and Sonya Chitty for the next season.  We go with a sense from God that, somehow, there is something bigger going on in terms of our walking into our destiny that we don’t quite see right now.  God has always said to us that the best is yet to come and that our latter years would be more fruitful than our former. So, we leave with hope and promise for the future. We are assured of some nurture and refreshing as we join Neil and Sonya; other than this, our times remain in His hands.

There have been some difficult times for us over the last 17 years, but our overwhelming memories of being at Hope Church are positive and happy ones.  We have appreciated the love, warmth and respect that you have given us. We have had the joy of seeing and being involved with many transformed lives here.  We believe Hope has a part to play in the national Christian story and that bright days lay ahead for you. We leave as friends and have no doubt that on occasion we will visit and look forward to hearing of the adventures that you as a church continue to get up to.

With love,


Chris and Christine May.

January 2019

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