Prayer Newsletter – January 2017

January 2017

Welcome to this months Prayer Newsletter. As a church we will be focusing on prayer for the first part of 2017 as we gather to pray for a wide array of things linked with us as a church. This newsletter below will give you something to pray for every day for the next month.

We will corporately be gathering at Hope Church Centre on a variety of evenings for different prayer times over this month with focus on different subjects. The first gathering will be Thursday 5th January at 8pm.

We hope you will join with us at some or all of the events as grow in the area of offering prayer up to God together.

Week 1 – Our Nation and the Nations
Thursday 5th January @ 8pm – Prayer Session: Overseas
Sunday 8th January @ 7pm – An Evening In His Presence / Prayer Session: Society

Week 2 – Discussion & Intercession
Tuesday 10th January @ 8pm – D&I Session
Thursday 12th January @ 8pm – D&I Session

Week 3 – Luton
Tuesday 17th January @ 7:30pm – Prayer Session: Azalea
Thursday 19th January @ 7:30pm – Prayer Session: Praying for the Muslim Community

Week 4 – Healing
Tuesday 24th January @ 8pm – Prayer Session: Healing
Thursday 26th January @ 8pm – Prayer Session: Healing

Week 5 – Hope Church
Tuesday 31st January @ 8pm – Prayer Session: Praying for Men
Thursday 2nd February @ 8pm – Discussion & Intercession Session
Sunday 5th February @ 7pm – An Evening In His Presence / Prayer Session

The full list of dates and specifics is available to view on this link –

In addition to this there will be a prayer room available from Monday 9th January till the end of the month in the first floor lounge for everyone to use on Mondays & Wednesdays 10am – 3pm and Saturdays 9am-12pm.

January 1st to 7th – International. The connections we have in other countries.

  • 1st. Ukraine – Pray that the church near Kiev would grow in size and that God would provide leaders Jenya & Lilly’s financial needs – especially that Lilly would find a job. Pray for the church to keep growing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank God for all that he has done to bless the church so far.

  • 2nd. Sierra Leone – There are 2 Luton schools that are being given a new lease of life with new buildings.  Home Leone and volunteers are dismantling the old ones and this week will send a container of materials to build a new school.  Thank God for this wonderful provision.  Pray for the next generation of those in Sierra Leone that the education they receive will draw them close to Jesus and see a nation released from poverty.  Pray for a head teacher for the new school to be raised up and the funds to build it.

  • 3rd. Spain – Tony helped start a church in Valencia, he and others visit regularly. In October moved into a larger new building, pray that the international congregation will grow to fill it.

  • 4th. Albania – Please pray for the churches who are sharing the good news of Jesus in a largely muslim and atheistic culture. For the protection of young women who are lured into sex trafficking. For employment in the town of Fushe Arrez, where we have contacts,  and for the copper mine to reopen there.

  • 5th. Spain – The number of churches we are working with in Spain is growing. Four were represented at the last conference we were involved in. Pray for our growing influence in Spain, that the number of churches working together will grow.

  • 6th. Sierra Leone – Thank God for the journey he has taken Home Leone on and the wonderful provision thus far.  Pray for the people who will have the opportunity to move to Destiny village.  The first 30 families (of 344 families) will receive their first training this month.  Pray God will raise up a village leader and leadership team that will honour Him.  Ask the Lord to send Home Leone more workers both internationally and locally and that he provides the funding for all the roles.  Pray for the establishment of a procurement base in the UK that will send huge supplies to Sierra Leone.

  • 7th. Please pray for a nation that God lays on your heart.

January 8th to 14th – Society. Many of us are involved in different ways seeking to see society transformed.

  • 8th. Maggie – as she seeks to see society changed through politics

  • 9th. John – as he seeks to help those in the health service bring God’s kingdom

  • 10th. Tony – who is working with Christian and Muslim leaders to safeguard vulnerable young people from exploitation.

  • 11th. Chris – as he seeks to support those close to death and their families.

  • 12th. We have many people involved in education, pray for them as they seek to help young people.

  • 13th. Catherine, Sue and others as they seek to use their artistic talents to bring influence.

  • 14th. Please pray that God’s kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven.

January 15th to 21st – Luton. We are involved in many ways to see our town transformed.

  • 15th. Azalea – as they come alongside and support vulnerable women.

  • 16th. Sarah, who is a town centre chaplain, as she and other make themselves available to those in the town centre who require support.

  • 17th. Street pastors as they support people late on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • 18th. Those involved in building bridges between Christians and the Muslim communities.

  • 19th. Stepping stones which supports women and their families who have been victims of various types of abuse.

  • 20th. The various groups who use our building that are working with people with a variety of people in Luton. These include Roshni (Support for asians with mental health), Ace (wellbeing group), Alzheimer’s Society, dementia groups, Austism beds, Luton Deaf Club and Spurgeon contact centre.

  • 21st. Please pray that we will see our town transformed.

January 22nd to 28th – Healing, that we would see God breakthrough in healing power.

  • 22nd. That during this week you would have the opportunity to prayer for someone to be physically healed.

  • 23rd. We have received promises that Hope Church Centre would be a place of healing, people entering or even walking past would receive healing. Pray that this would happen.

  • 24th. Ask God to give you His compassion for the sick.

  • 25th. Pray now for someone you know to be sick, asking for their healing.

  • 26th. We are part of Healing on the Streets, where Christians offer to pray for healing in the town centre every Saturday. Pray that they will see miraculous healing.

  • 27th. Ask God that we will have several healing testimonies that could be shared this coming Sunday.

  • 28th. Pray that as a church we would see a breakthrough in healing power

January 29th to February 4th – Hope Church

  • 29th. Pray that the men of the church would grow in depth of friendship and can reach out to other men.

  • 30th. Pray for the community areas that are about to be launched, for the new area leaders.

  • 31st. Pray for our youth and for Linda and her leadership team. That young lives would be transformed by the gospel.

  • 1st. Please pray for the various ministry areas within the church e.g. welcome, pastoral care, worship etc. and for those who lead them.

  • 2nd. Pray for our elders as they seek to hear from God and direct the affairs of the church.

  • 3rd. Pray into God’s promises that we would grow in numbers and in influence.

  • 4th. Ask God to give you something specific to pray for regarding Hope Church.

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