Prayer Update from Valencia

From Phil Bacon in the church we support in Valencia.

Thank you for your prayers of the last few months and also for your many emails of encouragement. God has been very good to us since we moved into our new building. We now have several people who live in the neighbourhood who have started worshipping with us. Every week we have many visitors. Some are residents come to see what we do but the majority are people just passing through Valencia. We get tourists, here for a couple of weeks or so, Erasmus students who are here for anything from 3 months to 12 months, and then people stationed here because of their jobs who are here for 1,2 or 3 years. Valencia is definitely a place where people pass through.

On Sunday mornings, we usually get between 40 – 60 people but we have even been up to 80 on a couple of occasions. What is noticeable is that we now get less English speaking people and more Spanish speakers. Praise God!


We have been running an Alpha course over the last few weeks and this has been very encouraging. We have 10 people who have been attending the course; two Spaniards, three Americans, two Columbians, two Ecuadorians, and one Englishman. Please pray for these folks, some are very new Christians while others are not saved yet. Tomorrow we have our Holy Spirit day as part of the course. Please pray the God’s Spirit moves on them in a powerful way and that we see them all in the Kingdom full of the Holy Spirit.


Please continue to pray for our student work as we have a continuous stream of students passing through the church. For many of them the student meeting and the church as a whole, is a spiritual lifeline while they are in a different culture and in a very different educational system. Pray especially for Alex and Claire who have been heading up the student work as they are expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks. We need to know the best way to carry the student work forward as they adjust to their new life as parents.

Leadership Team

Continue to pray for Paul & Susanna as they deal with aging parents. Susanna’s father has deteriorated even further and the doctors keep saying he hasn’t long to live, yet he continues to live but is almost completely bedridden and suffers from dementia. Her mother is now also ill. This is a constant pressure for Susann who will be going to Scilly next week to help her mother.

Peter is in good health these days but carries a heavy burden for translation in most of our meetings. We have had less people this year who are capable of translating speakers and the person who has helped most is Claire who is just about to have her baby which means the full burden of translation will fall on Peter again. Please pray that God will bring to us people who are not just bilingual (we have many of them) but who are gifted at accurately translating at speed.

Henk & Jackie are doing well and Henk’s business is prospering once again. Christina and I are well but we notice that we seem to get tired much more easily than in the past. Perhaps that has something to do with age.

Pray for:-

Salvations, on the Alpha course and the many newcomers that we have in church.

More permanent members who live in Valencia

Gifted translators

The training up of the next generation of leaders.

For the name of Jesus Christ to be lifted up in Valencia.