Well-being (Shalom) @ Hope


“Shalom” is taken from the root word shalam, which means, “to be safe in mind, body, or estate.” It speaks of completeness, fullness, or a type of wholeness that encourages you to give back — to generously re-pay something in some way. True biblical shalom refers to an inward sense of completeness or wholeness. Although it can describe the absence of war, a majority of biblical references refer to an inner completeness and tranquillity. In Israel today, when you greet someone or say goodbye, you say, Shalom. You are literally saying, “may you be full of well-being” or, “may health and prosperity be upon you.”


There are lots of different understandings of what pastoral care and discipleship should look like within a local church. This is an attempt to define this for Hope Church. Our preferred term is well-being , shalom.


To create a community  that will enable church members and those we are serving, to grow and thrive in experiencing well-being and wholeness in Christ (Shalom *)
Primarily the  context where this happens is within our Community Areas and small groups, known as Life Groups. Although it will also encompass our outreach communities.


It falls within our overall vision to be :
  • A growing community of people – from different backgrounds, stages of life and experiences, including the vulnerable – who are one family in Christ Jesus.

The Four Walls of Well-being

The concept of well-being encompasses the physical, mental and emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health, the four walls of of Well-Being. This concept is recognised by the World Health Organisation.


To view the Well-Being Policy in full follow this link Hope Church Well-Being Policy (1)

How to Join our Growing Community

We believe that being part of a local community is the first step in well-being. As we meet together we can support on another in physical, mental, social and emotional ways. We can help  another in the joys and challenges of life. We can also sign post one another to specific help and resources that will address key needs.
  To become part of our community please contact