People of Hope – Catherine and Teaching in Luton

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My name is Catherine Simons. I made a decision to completely follow Jesus 20 years ago. I grew up in Wheathampstead and had the privilege of being bought up with Christian parents. I trained as a primary teacher at St. Mary’s college in Twickenham and had my last two teaching practices in Luton.  

For the last 13 years I have taught in a large primary school (four form entry) in Bury Park. The size of the school is much larger than the average sized school. Many pupils speak English as an Additional Language and are starting to learn English when they go to the nursery. Pupils who receive Pupil Premium (funding from the government) and have Special Educational Needs is above National Average.

I felt strongly called by God to work in the school and live in Bury Park while I worked at the school.  I have taught Reception, Year Two and currently teach Year Three. I am currently a Year Team Achievement Manager and have started leading Art across the school. I have also had the privilege of having many Newly Qualified teachers in my year group and have mentored a couple of these teachers. 

I have always loved children. I had a really tough time at school when I was growing up.  I’m motived to see children reach their full potential, have confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed. I’m passionate about teaching and can’t imagine doing anything else.

I enjoy teaching but it’s definitely challenging and I have to work hard at getting a work/life balance. I have amazingly supportive friends and family who encourage me. 

Over the years, I have had many changes in my job and have had the challenges of aiming to reach National standards and meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum. 

I have strived to work hard, show integrity by being honest and doing my best. 

I enjoy and have the privilege of working with children and staff from different cultural backgrounds. I have had the privilege of developing good friendships in my job with colleagues. 

I have also had the opportunity to use the skills I have developed to teach children in Uganda and Sierra Leone during school holidays on a voluntary basis. It is a privilege to teach underprivileged children and provide them with opportunities to reach their full potential.


Written by Catherine Simons

  1. Neville goldsmith Barnard

    Your church is beautiful in hard times

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