People of Hope – Gill and taking time out

It strikes me how many things in life we take for granted.




Getting from A to B. 






Just to name a few. 

Yet, so often in life we get so busy, rushing from one thing to the next and not taking time to stop and notice the beauty that is around us. The colours of spring as the flowers begin the show their faces and the brightly coloured blossom appears on the trees. 

Too often, we are too busy, or we feel too busy. Maybe it’s filling our time on mobile phones, responding to emails, catching up on social media or watching too much tv to name a few; that we don’t find time to slow down, to stop, to be still and take in all that is around us. Now whilst there’s nothing wrong with doing the above; sometimes they can end up taking over. 

I for one am guilty of wasting too much time on my phone but recently whilst on holiday, I consciously made the decision to just enjoy what was around me, to soak in new views, experiences and the beautiful creation that surrounded me and not feel the need to constantly be taking photos. Don’t get me wrong; I took some pictures but I enjoyed just being present in the moment. 

It reminded me of the importance of self-care, of having time out from the pressures of life and to make time to stop and be. 

So often, I can find myself rushing from one thing to the next, complaining I don’t have enough time in the day but when I stop and look at all I am doing; I realise I do have enough time, I just have to make the choice about how I fuel my time and what I fill it with. 

Do you notice the beauty that surrounds you? Do you stop and take time to notice the flowers? The birds singing? Loved ones smiling over a coffee? The various shades of green that fill the garden? 

If you don’t, I challenge you to look up. To look up and find the time to see all that is in your sight, to find the time to appreciate the every day things so often we no longer notice; and as you do, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised… for when we look, there is so much beauty to be found. 

For everyday may not be good but when we truly look, there is something good that can be found in everyday.


Written by Gill Peck

  1. Marsha Leach

    Bless you! We are all, as a society, so ingrained into providing and enjoying instant gratification that we forget the joy of the moment, the joy of it being personal, your moment, your perspective, without judgement, analysis, justification from others! Live for the moment before the moment is stolen, by judgement, busyness, need for justification from society! #trustyourselfandyourjudgement

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