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Hi, my name’s John and if you read Big Al’s recent post, well I’m even taller than him! I’ve lived in Luton for 3 years with my wife and 3 kids; we love living here and moved here very deliberately to be part of what God is doing in Luton.

I work locally part time as a paediatrician in the hospital and child development centre, seeing kids with cerebral palsy, ADHD, Autism and children who are in the care system.

Most of my time is as the National Field Director of the Christian Medical Fellowship. We have over 6000 members who are doctors, medical students and nurses and we exist to unite and equip them to live and speak for Jesus in their workplaces. I oversee the team as we equip students and graduates to share their faith and apply it to their work.


What does a typical week look like for me then?

Monday – I work a long day on the ward today. The staff work so hard in Luton and are a great team to be a part of.

Tuesday – I meet with my Head of Nursing who has a new staff worker join her team in Norwich. We discuss line management and training needs. Then I lead our office team meeting, including teaching on ‘How to have great meetings’. I see the head of the Christian Academic Network over lunch as we discuss a conference on political correctness(!). In the afternoon I lead a training session on ‘The Body-Mind split’ with some of our year-round programme participants.

Wednesday – I’m off to Lancaster to see if we can set up a new ‘Catalyst Team’ in the Morecambe Bay area. On the way I write an article on ‘Leadership and Power’ for one of our publications – doctors have a lot of power and it is so easily abused. I um and ah for a while deciding what superpower I prefer (I went for flying). I arrive early to Lancaster so do some reading on Artificial Intelligence and the impact on how we see ourselves as humans.

Thursday – the meeting went well last night and there was a takeaway curry too – bonus! On the train home, I sign off the minutes of a meeting on our International work – we have 250 members serving overseas and my work sometimes means visits and teaching in places like Lebanon and Poland. I meet a junior doctor in the afternoon who is keen on joining our team.

Friday – I’m soon speaking at a university lunchtime event on ‘Will saving lives save my soul? so I prepare some of that talk today. We have 25 people starting our Global Track this evening and tomorrow so I finish some last minute practicalities before heading off to join them at All Nations Christian College. The next 24 hours are a great time of learning and equipping for these young medics and nurses as they consider how to serve God cross-culturally.

My main passion is developing leaders who in turn lead others. We so need to see Christians boldly and courageously living out their faith in pressured environments, being salt and light, speaking prophetically into society, loving and serving the most vulnerable.


Written by John Greenall

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