Personal reflections on Catalyst Festival 2018 – Raising world changers

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A great time was had by all this weekend at Stoneleigh Park. A time for families and friends to come together, enjoying fellowship and giving worship and praise to God.

I spent my mornings serving the children, we had one hundred and eighty, four year old children to entertain in flames. Some may think anyone who would volunteer for this must have gone mad but honestly these children were a true blessing to all who served.

We looked at Act 1 v 8 as well as playing many different games, crafts, singing songs and dancing. The children had so much fun learning the actions to go alongside the verse they learned which was “When the Holy Spirit fills you He gives you His power to tell Jesus to all of the world.” It was wonderful to feel God’s presence moving in the room amongst us and to see the children hold their hands out to Him in thanks and praise.

A microphone was sent around and the children were asked what they had felt, seen or heard God saying to them individually. The answers were incredible. Some children were given an image or a vision and some had a specific country come to mind that God will send them to in the future. Some children experienced heat rising up throughout them and some felt tingly sensations go through them whilst others said plainly “I felt Jesus.” And another girl said “I felt God.” As simple as that. Some spoke in tongues and others became overwhelmed with emotion.

Witnessing this was an important reminder to me that God speaks to us all in different ways at different times and that He has an equal measure of love for all; never favouring one over the other but blessing us all individually.

When the Holy Spirit fills you with this power it is not power in the sense of physical force it actually means “ability” or “capacity.” So this power that the Holy Spirit provides is actually new abilities we need to carry the gospel forward.

My afternoons were spent enjoying family time, eating together, playing card games and going to seminars. I visited the “Think” tent to hear Martin and Mimi Clay talk about living with pain in a broken world. They bravely shared their experience of multiple sclerosis and how God has helped them through their struggles, they were both so inspiring. God has done amazing things in their lives and they have remained faithful to Him through all circumstances.

I enjoyed the seminars in the politics zone which were “How to get involved” with Richard Wightman and “What could we do that we aren’t doing” with Andy Flannagan the Executive Director of Christians in politics. I could really feel the spirit in both these seminars prompting me to get involved. It was so strong at one point when Andy was talking about journalist’s and their influence that I had tears pouring out of me. That could be hard for some to understand but for me this is how God most often speaks to me. As a child it was my dream to write and be a reporter/journalist and this was God’s way of reminding me that I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

The evening meetings were an amazing way to end the day. The atmosphere of every one coming together to give thanks to God is so powerful and it delights Him no end. David Devenish preached the final meeting bringing Catalyst festival to a close. He really put an emphasis on the small things we do and how it really does make a difference even if you are not there to witness the benefits yourself. David preached the parable of the mustard seed which although is the smallest of all seeds when it is planted into the ground it flourishes and becomes the largest of tree’s. Dave has certainly inspired me to keep pushing on, to serve others and to spread Jesus’ mighty name to all people. Let’s keep sowing seeds!


Written by Kristina Druce

Watch a video of Highlights of the weekend below.

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  1. Sarah Hibbard

    Wow, what an amazing weekend you have Kristina and so well written. Great to hear how enthusiastic the kids were. Thanks for the blog.

  2. Kristina Druce

    Thank you Sarah! They were so much fun I’m missing them.

  3. Alison

    Well done my lovely niece, write up amazing !!! You should be very proud of yourself xx love Auntie Lan xxx

  4. Valerie Le Neve Foster

    Very well written Kristina – quite inspirational!
    Auntie Val

  5. Karen

    Lovely article Tina 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  6. Tolu Akinmola

    Beautifully written Kristina. Reading it again brought back all the good memories of fellowshiping with God and the communal spirit of camping together. Please keep on writing.x

  7. Kristina Druce

    Aww 🙂 thank you all for your comments and kind words. Thank you Jesus for a wonderful experience at Catalyst and for bringing the words to mind x

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