Prophecy in this season

by Linda Geevanathan

“Sometimes what people need is not another prophetic directive but an authentic pastoral presence. Pursuing prophetic promises without due process produces a denial of pain that leads to escapism. We need healthy prophetic voices who help us process pain and lament through a hope filled lens. Irrespective of all the revival promises that will be fulfilled, right now the world is in pain. The best thing we can do is be a pastoral presence of love.

Let’s articulate hope in this season.”  Julian Adams

Julian Adams a well-known prophetic voice, makes some really key points about the prophetic in this season; our nation and the nations need hope, a hope that goes beyond this world and situation.  There is a longing and need for voices that bring comfort, strength, encouragement and love. That’s what the prophetic does at its most powerful – it isn’t about denial but allowing people to express their pain, listening to them and in the right way directing them graciously to Jesus, the hope of the world.

Ginny Burgin another prophetic voice shares her wisdom of bringing the prophetic in this season, it is well worth listening to.


So, in this uncertain time, Church, let us be a voice of comfort, a voice of encouragement and a voice of love for the many who don’t know where to turn in this stormy season.


Linda Geevanathan

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