Prophetic Word – The River & Bags of Gold (February 2018)

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Prophetic word given to Hope Church Luton by Tim Williams from New Life Church Milton Keynes in February 2018.




He said he felt he had a word for a church with a river running past it/by it. We felt that was Hope Church. His word was:
“A couple of things I felt the Lord would want to say to you guys.
The first thing I saw – deposits of bags of gold popping up all around the river. I just picture you guys coming across these things and I felt like, just in my spirit, that these things had been there for a long time. So I am just trying to ask the Lord what that’s about – I don’t know if there are people who want to give you money to steward, they might be people who are known to you, that have just not made themselves known in that way to you. But I feel like there are bags of gold and as you are opening them up you are seeing that there’s gold pieces in them and I felt God saying very clearly that this is for mercy ministries. This is for the poor and actually just hearing what your question about the poor, I felt like it almost like a Robin Hood type thing, I know he stole from the rich to give to the poor, you guys wouldn’t be stealing but people are going to give you these deposits of money to say we don’t know what to do with this but we want you to invest it into a good cause. And they are almost going to give you the freedom to…it was like, God was going to make you stewards of other people’s money.

The next thing I saw was linked to the river, was the river in Ezekiel. Just the further it went out the further the river went, the deeper it got. And on either sides there was life springing up all around. Obviously, there is stuff in there with salvation but also bringing healing to the land and fruit and prosperity to the land.  And I feel that this is all tied in with what God was asking you to steward and the gifts that He was going to bring to you. I just saw that I don’t know the way that that is the people that are around or any that you know that wanted to give you these deposits or people that come your way that say that I’ve got some money, I want it to go somewhere can you do something with it.”

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