Reflections on Coronavirus and Christ – Part 6

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The mission-field on our doorstep

Connecting the coronavirus with missions may seem like a strange idea, but the reality is where we can’t see – God is on the move and many people have had, stripped away the things that have been their security.  This may have been their jobs, their relationships, their social life, their health or the investments and money they have made over time.  God is revealing that these things are like shifting sand.

In this season God is loosening roots.  The pandemic we are facing is challenging us to loosen our grip on the things that we have been holding tightly to.  Things like homes, jobs and even the way we socially interact.  Why may God loosen roots in this season?   Well it could be to shake us up to do mission.  It could be to move us to a different mission field or to make us more awake and alive to the mission field on our doorstep.

In this season, at this time there is a call on the church to follow one of the final instructions given to the followers of Jesus to go into the world and make disciples of all nations (Matt 16).  There is an opportunity for the church to not only demonstrate the mercy and compassion of God but to share the Good News with our friends and family who don’t know it.

It could be by loosening our roots, by removing our reliance on the things that hold us, God is saying go! Go and make disciples!  GO to your friends and neighbours, share with them about Jesus, the hope of the world.   The reality is people are seeking, they are asking questions and there is the opportunity to have spiritual conversations like there never has been before.  Nothing will stop God from moving, he is working out his purposes and even pandemics will serve to complete the Great Commission.

So as we conclude this series of devotionals I want to challenge you to …

Go to your neighbours and friends, go to your colleagues and family.  Tell them about this Jesus who transforms lives.  You have a message that the world needs to hear.  Share it with love, humility and grace.



  1. What are things that you hold on to the tightest and do you need to surrender them again at the cross?
  2. Are there things that stop you sharing the Good News? What are they and how can you overcome them?
  3. How can you ‘go’ and share the Good News without leaving your home?


Prayer – For the Holy Spirit to keep revealing to us when we hold things to tightly and need to trust them into God’s hands.

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