Reflections on keeping healthy

Every morning I do three things that each contribute to keeping me healthy.

Since my heart issues a few years back I take tablets that help my heart recover and reduce the risks of further heart attacks. I love running however as I get older, I have found myself regularly getting injured. To prevent injury, I now do a series of stretches designed to strengthen muscles which are degrading with age. The third part of my morning routine is time alone with God; reading a section of scripture, journaling my thoughts, reading a devotional book, and then spending time in conversation with my Heavenly Father.

The truth is that there have been times when, for various reasons, I am not as consistent with my stretching routine as I should be. E.g.  I have a long period injury free and think I don’t need to stretch anymore and consider I can use the time more profitably; then a few months ago I had a bruised rib which stopped me stretching as it was uncomfortable. Each time I stop I get injured. It takes a while to overcome the injury, to restart the exercises and then get back to running again. Hopefully I have finally learnt my lesson and realise I need to invest time every day looking after my body if I want to keep running.

I always take my tablets but am aware that not taking them could have severe repercussions. My father dispensed with his prescribed medication a few years back, was unconvinced they were benefiting him and was frustrated with what he thought were the side effects. A while later he suffered a stroke that eventually led to his death. Were the two related, who knows, but they could be.

For decades now I have kept up my daily time with God, I don’t know what would happen if I stopped. My suspicions are that it would be similar to when I stop stretching, my health would suffer, my spiritual health rather than physical health.

Hence this blog, encouraging you to build disciplines into your life that help build and sustain spiritual health for the long haul. Neglecting some things have an obvious consequence and immediate impact that takes time to recover from. We may not be aware of the impact of neglecting other things, but they do have an impact.

Therefore, don’t neglect your spiritual health, put things in place to strengthen it or it will inevitably decline. My suggestions are to give priority to spending time with God each day in a way that will nourish you. Then ensure you spend time each week with fellow Christians so that you can bless them, and they can bless you. Finally, regularly reflect on whether you are living by faith or by sight. Are you taking steps of faith that take you out of your comfort zone and require you to trust in God? Are you involved in things that stetch you spiritually and give urgency to your prayers?

As I get older, I am aware of the importance of health and putting things in place that keep me healthy, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. I would encourage you to do the same.

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    Some helpful thoughts Tony
    Thank you

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