The bicycle and the flowers

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By  Filipe Almeida


It is interesting to think that in the middle of good days and others without news in this lockdown, I have discovered new things. Reinventing myself has been one of the exercises, even if there are days when I don’t feel inspired, I have found reasons to reflect in new ways. Experiences with nature have helped me in this process. I can already hear the song of some birds and recognize the species and in a very personal way this has given me joy. Not only the birds, but the blue sky on sunny days, the fauna found in the walks and the fields of flowers.


A few weeks ago, after a day of work at home, I decided to enjoy the end of the sunny day by cycling a little. The plan was for a quick ride close to home with the awareness that I would need to divert around people all the time and thus maintain social isolation. But when I arrived at the destination 10 minutes from where I live, my desire was not to return, but to continue cycling, to continue exploring and discovering new places in Luton (even if it was not so far).


As I rode, I had the expectation that I would find something new. Something that would bless and build me up. I continued cycling and passed through a path with tall trees with the most diverse songs of birds which only impelled me to continue. Right after this path through the trees, I came across a pedestrian crossing and bicycles and at a certain point I found a bit of abandoned trash and debris and that was not so cool. At this moment I reflected on life. In some moments of our lives we are not faced with pleasant or good things and how this is related to this time in Covid-19 when we have faced sad and uncertain experiences. But the question that never left my mind was what would I find at the end of that path?


When I reached the end of this path, I came across a beautiful field of wild yellow flowers and my heart was filled with joy and emotion. I cycled quickly to get close to these flowers and spent time in prayer! It was me, the bike, the flowers, the birds, the sunny sky and the Lord speaking to me. The Lord spoke to me that in the midst of the difficulties and unpleasant things we encountered on the way (as it was with the garbage I found), at the end of the way, the Lord would have prepared for me a beautiful place that would fill me with peace and joy. As I prayed and sang praises, the Lord spoke to my mind and heart that only He has words of eternal life, even while so many people are dying all over the world. And the Lord kept saying that his power can overcome any kind of evil.


Our experiences with God give life beauty in big or small things! On this day cycling, I just realized that this is the Lord’s time to work even harder in my life and I accept and receive what He wants to do in me each day.   During the Covid-19 period, I think the Lord wants to do special things in his Church. He wants to wake us up and by the power of the Holy Spirit to use us as witnesses. May we be open to what the Lord wants to do in us at this time, even with ups and downs. In this moment of the walk of life (or pedaling), we are facing very unpleasant things, but that prepares and strengthens us for the future. May we remember the beautiful field of flowers that we will find at the end! Even with the challenges of the present and others that may come, this is a time that we will experience much more of the Lord and will be even more used by Him until we are in our eternal home with Him.





  1. Theresa

    Really enjoyed reading this uplifting 😀

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