The Life of David

Throughout the Autumn we will be looking at the life of David, as described in 1 Samuel 16 to 31. We will be seeing how the life of David is intertwined with the life of Saul, but that the main character is neither of these guys, nor Samuel who the book is named after, but the Lord.

The first sermon on the series can be listened to via the website.

It may be that you want to study the book of 1 Samuel alongside our sermon series. If that is the case, there are two devotional commentaries that I would commend to you.

Both cover both 1 and 2 Samuel. They are available from Amazon, the local Christian bookshop and other online retailers.

Both are books in series of OT commentaries, the first by Phil Moore the second by John Goldingay. Either will make the scriptures come alive for you. Enjoy.


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