The Power of a Word

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My husband Mike is a frequent flyer and I am not. In fact I am a complete novice as far as flying is concerned. Over the years Mike has impressed on me his flight rules one of which is ‘never  let them take your bag and put it in the hold’. Imagine my horror when a Ryanair flight assistant tried to put a yellow tag on my bag and have it taken to the hold! The poor guy. There was no way I was going to let him put a sticker on my bag and let my husband down! He could go and put stickers on all the bags behind us, then and only then was I giving in! My husband watched in horror, so he later confessed, wondering if I was going to be removed from the flight, confessing that he would have given in much sooner having made his point. I, of course was oblivious to this, I was just doing as I had been taught.

Sometimes we forget how powerful our words can be and what an impression they can have. The Apostle Paul encourages us to eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy (1 Corinthians 14). The gift of words that God has given to encourage and strengthen the church collectively and individual members. Just by physically being with someone and standing alongside them in their situation says a lot, but when we tune into God and start to declare His promises, His truths, His dreams for a place and His hearts desires the atmosphere is changed. When we are able to speak truth over the lives of individuals and bring things hidden into the light healing comes. By a word captives are set free, bodies are healed, people are united and restored. 

Jesus himself was the word made flesh (John 1:1) The words of scripture are compared to a double edged sword that can pierce bone (Hebrews 4:12). His words had authority and power, the same authority and power that He gives us today.

Words lead to actions right or wrong. When we encourage and affirm others, they are built up and will build others up. When we speak the truths of the bible into our lives as well as the lives of others it changes attitudes and behaviours. Words act like seeds. When they are planted in good soil and watered by the Holy Spirit they will grow and produce fruit. Good words will produce good fruit (John 15:16). Good fruit that will last! 

Our time in Spain was short but its effects will last much longer.  Worshipping with our friends in Valencia, our hearts are joined, there is a care and a love that you feel for one another that transcends the ability to communicate in the same language. People when they are encouraged regain energy. Fresh vision is released. Revelation brings new perspectives for individuals and churches. Healing happens both physical and spiritual. Lives are changed as people meet with God. 

Not many of us get the  chance to visit other churches but being members of the body of Christ we regularly meet with each other. We are all able to use words each day to encourage, strengthen, envision build and heal each other. Let us hear Paul’s words of encouragement to the church, our words have power, let us put those words to use in a good what every day.

Written by Jane Reynolds

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