There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmastime…

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Enjoying my day off, chance to drop off my daughter to school which I never get to do anymore, Christmas songs on Heart radio, all going well. Then the song ‘Do they know its Christmas? (feed the world)’ (Band Aid) starts to play, great charity song with good intent but some of the phrases in the lyrics! I seriously disagree with……..’there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmastime’- will everyone in our prejudiced and stereotypical understand its not literally meant to be so? …’do they (Africans) know it’s Christmas at all?’ – again, I so disagree with how it’s phrased. Yes they do, we do. Many people look down on Africans because they grow up to hear these songs and they think we live in some out of touch world. I love the British attitude to charity and I believe the rest of the world can learn so much from it but songs like these and programs about Africa in this part of the world can be so stereotypical and patronising. I have enjoyed many Christmases in the UK but some of my most enjoyable Christmas experience was in Africa (Ghana). Enough moaning for the day, I guess I can use the day to plan my Christmas!


Written by Abe Owusu

  1. Hannah B

    I understand. This song always makes me uncomfortable when it comes on. “Thank God it’s them instead of you!” I understand what they’re trying to communicate but how dehumanising is that? 🙁

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