Thoughts to ponder from Genesis 1

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I recently came across two separate thoughts that spring from Genesis 1. 

The first is how the trinity is involved in creation. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, that is God the Father. He did it by his word, God said, that is the Son. The Spirit of God was also involved, hovering over the waters.

Genesis was originally written is Hebrew but in the time of Jesus most people read the Scriptures in an Aramaic translation. It is in the translation of this passage that we have the only place in the Old Testament that the Spirit of God is described as a dove. The Hebrew original literally says the Spirit is fluttering rather than hovering. In the Aramaic translation he is called a dove. Therefore, in the gospels at Jesus baptism where God the Father speaks over his Son and the Spirit is present as a dove the Aramaic readers would have seen this as re-creation, the creation story of Genesis being repeated. An interesting train of thought.

I also same across the point that Genesis 1 describes mankind as made in the image of God and created to work with God in partnership within the world. Prayer is a major way we acknowledge our partnership with God in the world. As it is a partnership it doesn’t mean that God will do everything we ask but it does mean we ask and talk to Him about what we are doing, how we can work together and what we would like Him to do. I found this train of thought very helpful.


Written by Tony Thompson

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