With 3 million Muslims in the U.K. and a growing number of refugees from the Middle East we need to be equipped to understand how to build genuine relationships with Muslims and contextualise the message of Jesus. Training and mentoring will be provided by people from a Muslim background, people living in Muslim majority contexts and those involved in the UK working with Muslims.

  • 10 Saturday sessions starting in January 2022, most sessions will be on zoom but 3 will be face to face in Luton.
  • Training and mentoring will be provided by overseas church planters and those involved in the UK working with Muslims.


Click here to read a blog about the experience of one of the students from the course.


To register an interest or ask any questions contact Shirley Amboule

Email:  westonshirley@gmail.com

There will be a range of topics under discussion including:

  • History of Islam
  • Doctrine and Muslim beliefs
  • Current trends in Muslim Society
  • Shame and honour culture
  • Outreach to the Muslim community – story telling, contextualizing the message of the gospel, responding to common questions
  • Welcoming believers from Muslim backgrounds into the church

The cost of the programme is £75.00 and entry to the course is dependent on completing  a short application form.

Here are some comments from participants from previous courses:

  • I liked everything about the course: encouraging different people to give their views. Missionaries, local people working with Muslim, hearing from the Imam about his beliefs, the visit in the Mosque, the visit to a Muslim family, sharing food from Middle East … I liked everything.
  • I thought it was interactive and the discussions helped me to understand, even when the topics were heavier. I also thought that the course line was didactic and clear.