Ways that I further the vision of Hope Church

A number of years ago we spent time as leaders articulating our vision as a church, what we felt God wanted Hope Church to look like. We identified the following –

A growing community of people – from different backgrounds, stages of life and experiences, including the vulnerable – who are one family in Christ Jesus.

  • A people who believe that God speaks today through the Bible and his Church.
  • A people who worship God, seeing their whole life as worship – serving God.
  • A people who desire to grow in their relationship with God and in serving Him.
  • A people who want to reach out to others to bring God’s hope and His love to individuals and society.
  • A people who want to play their part in the wider Church in Luton, in this nation and in the nations.
  • A people who value humility, servanthood, generosity and authenticity.


As a leader within the church, I seek to fulfil this vision on behalf of the church, and I thought it would be helpful to describe some of the ways I do this.  I am in a unique position to be involved in playing a part in the wider Church in Luton, in this nation and in the nations; and bringing God’s hope to society. I am using what we are learning at Hope Church to impact wider, doing it on your behalf, alongside what others are doing. Whilst the majority of my time is serving within Hope Church, roughly 15% of my time is working on behalf of the church in these areas.

Within the church in Luton, I am on the Executive of Churches Together in Luton that represents the church in Luton. In that role I bring leadership to organising Pentecost Praise and other town wide events. I jointly lead a racial commission working to bringing reconciliation and understanding between white and black majority churches. I also give time to support and develop friendship with numbers of local church leaders.

Beyond Luton I am involved in the Reconciled church network which is set up to encourage and support multi-cultural churches with a particular focus on encouraging leaders from ethnic minorities. I have also got involved in encouraging multi-cultural church planting and am beginning to develop a training course to train and support multi-cultural church planting. Finally, I am part of a team overseeing Catalyst churches in UK and beyond, within this I am personally involved with two churches in Spain.

The major way that I seek to bring hope to society is being a trustee and co-chair of the charity FACES, faiths against child sexual activity. I was part of the small team that initiated the work. The charity is a joint Muslim / Christian partnership that seeks to proclaim that faith is not the cause of child sexual abuse, despite popular perception, but is part of the solution. The charity is involved in awareness raising activities, safeguarding training, research, and school’s support. https://faces.org.uk/ Helping to lead this charity has helped my understanding of Muslim culture and enabled me to build strong, respectful relationships with Muslim leaders within Luton.

In summary, I personally spend considerable time and energy furthering our vision beyond Hope Church. It is a joy to do so, and I have been privileged to be released to do this on behalf of the church.

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