Hope Church is more than just a Sunday service, it is a community. There is much that we are involved with outside of Sundays.

The primary way people can get involved in the Hope Church community is through our Community AreasThe youth have their own midweek programme. If you are new to Hope Church we hold regular welcome evenings to find out more about us. We also meet termly for a half night of prayer.

We are also involved beyond Luton as part of the Catalyst Network and through being an active supporter of the charity Home Leone.

We also run various activities that serve a wider community, not just Hope Church. These include:

Open House Lounge

Understanding Islam Course

Foodbank @ Hope



Perhaps you are interested in running a group or activity and Hiring our spaces

We would describe our work in the community in the following way:

Our work is faith-based, but our staff and programmes serve all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Our assistance and our programmes are offered to all with no strings attached. We do not coerce nor demand that people hear any religious message or convert to Christianity before, during or after receiving assistance. Optional talks and activities based on Christian values are included in our projects if appropriate and desired by our clients. Our staff members are often from the community and understand best how to partner with and assist our clients in a respectful, culturally-sensitive way if clients are from a different culture and religion. Our focus is on responding to human need; of course, we hope that our compassion and dedication to socially isolated people reflects our Christian faith and will serve as a sign of God’s unconditional love for all people.


We also work in partnership with many other organisations and groups to serve the community of Luton. Some we are active partners in, others we support. These include:

High Town Community Work

Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACES)

The Feast

The Bridge English Lessons

Luton Deaf Club

Autism Beds



Churches Together in Luton