When God asks us to do something it usually involves a journey…

By Jane Reynolds


Sometimes this includes a physical journey, but more often than not it is the spiritual journey that has significance and is life changing. Love for the Family has been no exception.


As I read the words from Matthew 12 verse 7 again today ..

‘If you had known what these words mean, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent.’ I was reminded of Gods forgiveness and the call upon my life to love God, to love justice and mercy, to not judge and to love my neighbour as myself (Isaiah 61). I felt again the love of God for those that are hurting and in pain due to circumstances that can seem overwhelming: for those faced with an unexpected pregnancy and are unsure what to do or how they will cope: the physical and emotional pain, loss, confusion and unfulfilled dreams when a baby dies, and the haunting ‘what if’s?’ of those that have made the choice to end a pregnancy.


This journey of mine has involved repentance, training, patience, confusion, anger, sorrow, questions, renewed passion and much prayer. It has led me to a deeper understanding of the love of God for me, for the lost and broken, and for Gods Church. I have connected with the overwhelming passion of the Father in the story fo the prodigal son: the father who runs to the unrepentant son, covers his shame and his distress and restores his honour before the community. That is the God that I know and the God that I worship. That was Jesus on the cross, that is my call and the reason I live. I thank God for pouring out undeserving grace on my life and for revealing that grace to me.


Love For The Family has applied for Charity status and is looking to expand and grow in its areas of work. ( Unplanned pregnancy, baby loss, post abortion recovery and Love Baby Essentials.) It has three underpinning values:

Approachability. (Everyone is welcomed)

Empowering. (Enabling others to make decisions)

Grace. (Caring for others with the unconditional love of God.)


If you would like to hear more about my journey, have questions about Love For The Family, or feel that God may be calling you to walk alongside women/ men or families in this way, then do come along to our Vision and Values evening on Thursday 22nd April, 8pm on zoom. Contact jane@loveforthefamily.org.uk or 07516001924 for zoom details.


If you would like to partner with us in prayer and receive regular updates please email jane@loveforthefamily.org.uk



Jane Reynolds

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