We have four community areas around Luton. Each couple are supported by their own leadership team.


NORTH WEST – Polly & Dean Fryer-Saxby

nwwardsIf you live in Marsh Farm, Sundon Park, Leagrave, Lewsey or Challney then you’re part of the the North West Community – a family within Hope Church where you can belong.

Our purpose is to encourage each other in our walk with God,  so that we can get caught up in serving the community where we live, and together bring praise to God.

Contact: dean.hopechurch@gmail.com 07765112400

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NORTH CENTRAL – Chris & Christine May

ncwardsNorth Central Community Area covers the Dallow, Saints, Limbury and Bramingham areas of Luton. Chris and Christine May lead the community area. They have been part of Hope Church since it first began and have lived in the Limbury area for 15 years. Their desire is to see people growing in their relationship with God, building community and friendship together and reaching out to those living within the area.  Over the next few months we will be meeting together regularly in a variety of contexts to enable us to get to know each other better and to catch hold of what God is saying and wants to do amongst us and within the area.

Contact: northcentral@hopechurch.co.uk

NORTH EAST – Donal & Becky Moroney

newardsDonal & Becky have been part of Hope Church for almost 7 years now and are presently living in Bushmead. They have a 3 year old daughter and are expecting a baby in March. They have a real heart to see God establish community through discipleship.
In North East Community we believe that God will do this in three ways by:
  • Going (Reaching out to our neighbours, friends and community)
  • Gathering (Building community through our friendships with each other)
  • Growing (in our relationships with Him).
As the North East Community begins to get established our focus will be spending time getting to know each other through a variety of social activities and seeking God’s heart for what He wants to do in our community area.

SOUTH – Mike & Jane Reynolds

swardsWe are ‘family together’ loving God, loving and supporting each other and looking to be family to our friends and the communities in which we live and work.

“ ..local churches are called to reflect the global picture of God’s family. We are part, already, of a planet-wide people..” Our desire is to build a community that celebrates the global beauty, grace and love of God.

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