Why do we bother with Newday?

Newday really is a week which allows our young people to connect with others and connect with God.  I have been to most Newdays since 2004, when it first began and over the years, I and those who I have gone with have experienced; floodings, stadiums full of young people worshipping, we’ve seen healings and lived with disappointments, heard teaching which is life changing and powerful,  we’ve sorted out disagreements and we’ve been so exhausted we could barely make our way back to Luton. So despite the expense and at times inconvenience why bother? We bother because I believe it really is a worthwhile investment for our young people, they come back with very different experiences but I know that the worship, teaching and issues discussed at Newday and the friendships formed there have an impact on our young people, whether they realise it or not.

Linda Geevanathan





Thoughts from a Newday first timer!

Newday was an amazing experience that I won’t forget. I have been to other Christian festivals in the past but this one was different, it focused on the youth more and really encouraged us to have a stronger relationship with God. During the week I witnessed people committing their lives to God, amazing healing and I felt the Holy Spirit. Newday has helped me to strengthen my faith and belief in God and has encouraged me to want to learn more about God by attending church more and reading the Bible. Also I now have more amazing Christian friends that I know I can turn to for advice on becoming a better Christian. It was such an amazing, fun week!  


Thoughts from our young people

Newday for me is the best time of the year. I love the atmosphere and being able to connect with God! I look forward to Newday for many different reasons such as doing challenges set by the leaders, building friendships and getting to know new people and most of all, I look forward to seeing how God works in different ways throughout the week, not just in my life but in others as well. It’s incredible to see what God can do in just a week! I have made so many friends because of Newday and I feel as though we are all really close and we are more like family then friends! This Newday, ND19, was one of the best Newdays I have been to! I felt God really speak to me and connect with me throughout the week, and a lot of negative emotions that I had kept inside for so long were finally gone. I had to let go of these burdens in order to feel free, and let me just tell you, I felt amazing and finally at peace with every chaotic & upsetting thing that had happened in my life! I learnt to let go by giving everything to God!


Newday was such an amazing experience and I’m sure it gets better each year, being with all my friends, people my age and with other young people who love god is so fun. Everything was so informative and I learned so much I loved new day and I can’t wait to go again.

  1. Geoff Simons

    It’s very good to hear all of this, about the work of the Holy Spirit during the week and how much people value Newday, year after year!

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