Healing Testimonies from January

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Over the last month we have had a ‘Focus on Prayer’. During the fourth week Ben preached on ‘Healing’ which you can hear again by clicking here. We also had 2 Praying for Healing prayer meetings and below are some of the stories shared out of that week.


In 2008 our daughter-in-law Alison was pregnant with her third child. The scan at about 21 weeks showed too much fluid on the brain (hydrocephaly). An extra scan was done in June which picked up a possible kidney issue and something else to do with bone development. Because there were three things it led the doctor to think it could be a genetic problem and an amniocentesis was offered but Alison refused as she wouldn’t consider termination. During August a further scan showed no improvement and that the head was already full size (Not due until October) and the baby was in the breach position. So a caesarean birth would be necessary and immediately afterwards Matthew would be transferred to Great Ormond Street to have a shunt fitted to drain the fluid.

During all this time many people were asked to pray and God answered the prayers.

During September the baby turned and the next visit to the midwife showed that the head was starting to engage ready for a natural birth which happened on 12th October 2008. Alison and Matthew came home the next day, a few weeks later an MRI scan showed no abnormalities and since then Matthew has developed normally and is perfectly healthy. Praise God!

Shared by Anne Fox


Monday Luke and I prayed for Pete Wells back.  He had pulled muscles, was in pain and was not going to play football. 1 hour later he was able to play football with total movement and pain much reduced.

Shared by Jane Reynolds


After prayer for my hip on Sunday and Tuesday, I’ve been praying for it as I’ve walked / limped along. Today (Sat), I’ve just walked along Priory Marina with our dogs (10k steps), with very little pain. Praise God!

Shared by Diane King


I put my back out earlier in January, but through prayer last Tuesday and Thursday at the prayer meetings for healing, whatever was wrong has been put right again.

Shared by Geoff Simons


A Lady who had been struggling with reading lately felt her sight was better after prayer.
Another lady felt an improvement with pain on her side after prayers

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