History of Hope Church – A Year Out

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Well, there is a lot to write but I guess I will talk about my Frontier Year Project year out with Hope Church. That year, to be honest, was a tough year, and it was the first for me to live away from my home town area. It was also the first time in my life I got mugged, which was a horrible experience, but I was thankful for the support I received from my housemates and the people at the church. It was a difficult year for many reasons. I was a very immature Christian with a number of issues relating to family and past negative choices. I was able to get a lot of help though from the counseling team at the church, and from the leadership. I must say, Tony, Wayne Nicky Parsons and others on the leadership team were a real blessing, giving me many opportunities to serve and bless the community of Luton. I was particularly thankful to God for the opportunities I had to work with the youth in the church and the local schools, and the opportunities I had. Nicky’s experiences in New York had added a real dynamic to the children’s work, and she is a very intelligent woman, who had fantastic ideas for Hope Church. Wayne, of course, made them the dynamic duo. His work with youth was awesome, both in church and with youth outside of church.

I am really thankful for Tony, whose vision for Hope Church was inspirational. He believed in church planting, He was seeking a multicultural church, right from the outset, which of course is necessary in a town as diverse as Luton. I believe his vision paved the way for the outreach to the Chinese students at the university. I was really excited to hear the news about Hope Church Centre at the old Polish ex-servicemen’s club. This is a central part of Luton and I believe will be strategic in reaching the surrounding areas, including beautiful Bury Park, where God is silently moving among the Muslims to bring many to Christ.

Hope Church people were truly a blessing. I know God wants to expand this church and I believe God has exciting things to come.

Written by James Suddrey (in South Korea soon to be back in England possibly)

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