Hope Church runs a small community food bank for people we are in contact with. It is open on a Thursday from 11:30am – 12:30pm.
Please put all food donations in box in side entrance lobby. We aim to store long-life items so please check that the expiry date for all your donated food is for more than three months. Any surplus will go to the Luton food bank.
Some of the best types of food for the Food bank are listed below:
Rice Pudding/Custard Jam Meat (Tinned)
Fruit Juice (Carton) Vegetables (Tinned) Fruit (Tinned)
Milk (UHT) Dry Rice (500g) Soup
Fish (Tinned) Baked Beans (Tinned) Tomatoes (Tinned)
Breakfast cereal Dried Pasta (500g) Pasta Sauce
Sugar (500g) Tea Bags Biscuits
Instant noodles Instant Coffee
Karen Brown is our Foodbank Coordinator. Her role is to collect, store and manage our stocks for distribution to people in need. For more information or to make an inquiry contact Karen: