Prophetic themes – Church Planting & Bringing hope to despairing people in Luton

We have been looking at recent prophetic words that have led us as a church to expect and respond to growth in both influence and in numbers. It is also good to look at other, older prophetic words and themes that continue to influence us as a church. These words describe something of the flavour that God has drawn out of Hope Church.


  1. Church Planting.


Prophetic words.


Firework: God gave a picture of a firework, which keeps spurting out.  As you watch it you’re never quite sure what’s coming next, and it pours out all over the place. There is a force and an unknown nature to it, but the certainty is, you know it’s going to spurt out.


God said this picture describes church planting, because He will place a firework (per-ching! there it goes!) in Hope church, and there are going to be many churches coming out of here.  From the very beginning you are going to put on a firework display and out of you, whole areas around here have got no chance, churches are being planted all the way around here.

But remember the unexpected nature of it, you don’t know when a firework is going to burst into life, but you just wait for the ‘WOW!’, when the next one appears.  Have that in your spirits.  Brought by Kim McCaffery in May 2002.


I believe that there are going to be a number of church plants into the area and young people will do many of them… Start to ask God to lay places on your heart and to open homes in those areas … God gave me a funny picture of a frog with all the spawn coming out of the frog and then these little babies leaping into all sorts of places.  A little frog pool with the spawn, then the tadpoles and then the little frogs leaping out doing new things in all sorts of surrounding areas.  Brought by Kerry Southey in September 2003


Tony Thompson Go and plant church’s.  Raise up foxes, gather them together and send them out. Plant churches! Andy McCullough May 2016 at the Catalyst Festival


In February 2005 we planted Hope Church, South Beds which is still going well.

We tried to plant a church into Hitchin in 2006 which didn’t take.

We have supported other church plants and replants around the area, however nothing new is currently on the agenda. However, what does the word given at the Catalyst Festival mean?


  1. Bringing hope to despairing people in Luton.


Prophetic Words

Thinking of this town, it is a town of 2 contrasts.  There is the airport, full of dreams, full of hope of where it is going.  Everything is going right up there.  But there is the other part of the town that is in despair, it’s all gone wrong, nothing’s working, and people are ruined.  It is as if there is a contradiction within the town.  Through this God wanted to say…

You are to preach hope which is future glory, salvation which is eternal hope.  But He also wants you to have within you a hope for now.  Through His spirit He is going to put skills amongst you to deal with that.  There is going to be a gifting and grace upon you to deal with the despair that is in this town, as well as bringing people through to knowing eternal hope.  Brought by Kim McCaffery in May 2002.


Think you are trying to reverse hopelessness.  Do fun courses, not long term but short term, where people come out and they are more equipped, e.g. Marriage, rebuilding, Life after divorce.  Rebuild in the natural so we can also rebuild in the spiritual…. Get some small businesses up and running with people who are out of work.  Believe God for people who have political influence. Brought by Kerry Southey in September 2003.


The hand of the Lord is on you, working hard to break through the ground.  It seems like there is a lot of concrete there that you have got to break through and that you have to fight for every soul that you get.  God just says to you that you are going to see increase in this next six months which is going to turn the captivity that’s in the heart of some people who are believing that the church will never grow in the way it should.  Brought by Keith Hazel in October 2006

Grave clothes coming off Lazarus, off the church and then community. Being equipped to Love Luton, part of a strategy for community cohesion. Adrian Horner July 2014
This has long been a flavor of Hope Church, and continues to be through Open House and other activities made possible by the building. As we move into the community areas how do we continue to bring hope to despairing people?

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