Prophetic word about feeding the 5000!

Having a God who speaks through prophetic words is exciting and encouraging. Recently a leader in a church outside of Luton felt God speak to him about Hope Church. What he felt God say the elders believe is very relevant as we move into community areas.

He sent the following:

Hi Tony. How are things with you?  I have had a few thoughts about Luton!


Feeding the 5000 comes to my mind when praying for you at Luton.

I hear communities, communities, communities! And sense Jesus saying “multiply out communities”.

It will be like the feeding of the 5000, where Jesus said get into groups of 50s and 100s and this resulted in 100s being fed.

I see the outward flow of God’s life into communities accelerating. Like ripples when a stone is thrown into a pond. It will not be as you expect. These will not be just pastoral communities.

I see that a miraculous supply will come from what seems small and almost insignificant. I wonder if this is a person or people who will flourish into leadership.

I also see the importance of gathering to nourish each other in life in the spirit, stir up gifts, especially prophecy. Somehow gathering is key to the going!  Drink in the spirit. Keep near a river of God’s resources, streams in the desert.

I see you, Tony, have been going around in circles like circling a roundabout several times looking for the exit. God says he is with you where you are in this time of encircling the church.  You are a father to the church and its less about going places for you and more about just being there, being a bringer of the Spirit. I wonder if there are others to release further in going.

I see a new road sign being written for you, Tony, one of invitation to come to one side and to seek God’s face. He has great pleasure over you.


Received from Adrian Horner, leader of Open Door Church Kettering in February 2017.

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