Go to the deepest waters

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By Filipe Almeida


In July last year I was able to go for a weekend at the beach. It was winter, but the temperatures were like summer in Brazil. I remember spending one morning watching the sea. I love to see the sea, especially when I find sea turtles and a sailboat in the background.


There were several attempts to obtain good pictures of the sea turtles that dived several times and then returned to the surface, but I managed to take some in the end.


This landscape reminded me of something so special that it spoke to my heart and mind in a very sincere and impactful way in a similar way to when I heard the song of several birds in mid-February last year. I was in another country, different from Brazil and even though it was sunny, it was a cold day.


Anyway, the Word was to go to the deepest waters!

I had just finished reading the biblical passage from Luke 5, when Jesus calls the first disciples. In verses 1-11, we find it difficult for the disciples to catch fish all night and find no fish. But in verse 4 we see that Jesus said to Simon: “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Simon replied that even though he was unable to catch any fish, he would do so because it was Jesus who was asking and for this reason he threw down the nets.


After an abundant time fishing, the Lord Jesus called them to be fishers of men and in verse 11 we find: So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.


That question echoed in my mind as I listened to birdsong in a cold country and then saw sea turtles in a tropical country. And this past week, it has echoed in my mind in the face of all the changes that we have been experiencing due to Covid-19.


As a disciple I must go to the deepest waters!

What does this imply? Certainly good things, but great challenges that require detachment.


Going to the deepest waters means trusting without knowing very well what will happen, believing that it will happen!

Wonderful fishing can happen! To go to the deepest waters is to throw the nets, after an important call, and leave them madly on the beach. And follow the art of life and the art of celebration to the Father.


Going to the deepest waters is to continue learning from successes and mistakes. Keep learning with lessons about my qualities and victories. Keep learning from my problems and defeats. Keep reframing!


Going to the deepest waters is also going against xenophobia, structural machismo, racism and not agreeing with other types of social phobias.


Going to the deepest waters is learning about love, learning more about signaling hope and peace!


To go to the deepest waters is to be transformed day after day with my limitations and to have the privilege and commitment to be used fully as a cooperator in the transformation of lives.


Going to the deepest waters is my heart’s desire, transforming me, helping me to reframe and keep the focus on the truth that frees us from all evil!


To go to the deepest waters is to find sea turtles, boats at the bottom of a beautiful landscape and continue to listen to the birds that are cared for every day by the Author of all creation.


My prayer is that in this time of pandemic and in the very scattered post pandemic, we can go to the deepest waters. In a natural way to find the beauties of everyday life and to get closer to the Father and to go deeper into His ways and His will.

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