Issues Facing Christians Today – Men, Women and God

As part of our series earlier this year, ‘Issues Facing Christians Today’, I preached on this subject, you can listen to the sermon below.

However, you would be better served listen to this talk by Jen Wilkins that I have just come across. She speaks on the subject more eloquently, more profoundly and in a more challenging way than I can and did! She also asks questions about the practices in many churches, including ours that need to be asked.


Advance 2017 General Session #2- Jen Wilkin from Acts 29 US Southeast on Vimeo.



I found I agreed with the principles that Jen expounds, e.g. if initially we focus on the differences between men and women we end up objectifying either men or women. The Bible doesn’t do this, it starts with how men and women are the same, made in the image of God.

She does talk about the difference between men and women, and that they need each other to thrive. A church will not flourish if either women or men are not flourishing. This follows from the scripture that it was not good for man to be alone.

She then expounds the differences between men and women, the major difference being a matter of biology, men are physically dominant. This gives men a privilege which they need to choose how to use. They can either use the privilege to dominate and control or to honour and exult women. The Christian calling is the second, too often in the world the former happens. It can also happen in the church.

In the last part of the talk she challenges the church to create a community that is truly family, where we are brothers and sisters. There is so much that I agree with, but know we are not yet achieving. Please listen and watch and then join me in seeking to create such a church.


Written by Tony Thompson

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