Catherine’s Living Seeds Trip 2019

As you may know I visited Sierra Leone in the summer to run a three week Summer School for the Primary-aged children of the students and of staff at Living Seeds.

Living Seeds, run by a Christian couple in Harpenden is a social enterprise based on their strong Christian commitment which takes young people from the poorest backgrounds and provides them with quality vocational training and a chance to work. Many of the students have had little or no schooling before joining Living Seeds.  The young people learn a professional trade, to develop and grow as a person, to gain some dignity, and to make a life for themselves. They are encouraged in the Christian faith and have the opportunity for Christian ministry to help discover their purpose and identity in Christ. Practically, Living Seeds makes and sells workplace uniforms made by the students who are trained to a high standard and are now diversifying into office wear and the beginnings of training in producing fashion wear.  They have been supplying major companies with their garment requirements since 2010 and have established an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. 



This is the second Summer School I have run at Living Seeds. This year they purchased a set of school tables and benches which really helped to motivate the children to be focussed in their learning. Living Seeds recent newsletter referred to my Summer School: 

‘The school was a great success and all the children loved it!  They wept bitterly when she left and complained that life was boring without her. Catherine also has a great gift of relating to people and all our factory staff loved having her around.


Thank you for all your financial support which contributed to resources in the classroom and my travelling.  Also, prayers for me during my trip. It was a privilege to teach the children lessons based on their curriculum which will help them to progress at school.  I am in contact with the couple who run Living Seeds and some of the people in Sierra Leone. I hope to be able to go out again to do further work.    


Written by Catherine Simons

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