New Year, New Adventures, Prayer Required! Part 1

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A few weeks ago I was privileged to be asked to go on retreat by a friend from this church. In case you are wondering what, a retreat is the definition according to the Retreat Association is

“a planned time of spiritual refreshment with the opportunity to rest, unwind and pray. They provide a breathing space, an oasis, an opportunity to listen and be heard, to step aside from our daily life and see our life and our relationship with God and with others from a fresh perspective.”

It was an amazing time but not what I expected in terms of a sermon I was preparing on prayer. Before I went I was in my mind totally prepared, I knew that I would be preaching. I had a plan involving looking at the lives of Biblical characters like Abraham Moses Samuel David Daniel Nehemiah and most importantly Jesus and seeing how their prayer lives, their persistence in prayer and their absolute belief in the authority and power of God could be a model for us and our prayer lives BUT God had another plan.

I felt he wanted me to extend to you God’s invitation to join Him on a walk. A daily walk you could in fact call it a prayer walk.

From the very beginning God has created us and seeks us to be his companions, his walking partners walking and talking to him on our daily journey. See Genesis 1v27 and 3v8-9

He wants relationship with us that includes companionship, a two way dialogue and intimacy.

He wants to walk beside us as our tour guide through life, the best, most interesting and knowledgeable tour guide in the world. He knows everything as he created it all. He wants to stop and show you things on the way. It won’t be a boring walk because when we walk daily with Him he unfolds the secrets of his kingdom.

It’s one thing me telling you that God loves you and knows you, it’s quite another thing for you to be on a walk with God as on my retreat and hear him whisper in your ear;

Hey look up at the stars, don’t they look amazing tonight. Do you know there are billions and billions of stars and I know each of their name? In fact do you know I have counted every hair on your head I am the one who knitted you together in your mother’s womb. I love you more than any star because you are created in my image. I loved you so much that I sent my son to live like you on this earth and to die for you so that you and I can spend eternity star gazing.

This is prayer. A daily conversational relationship where we willingly and joyfully recognise God made us to share his kingdom with us and for us to recognise we have and are called to play a part in building Gods kingdom.

We need God’s wisdom and his companionship. We need to understand and explore further the Bibles call to the need for prayer without ceasing, bold persistent persevering prayers. Prayers based on conversations we have whilst walking with God on our daily journey through life. Requests and petitions and praise / thanksgiving generated from our time spent in relationship with him.

Today I want to invite you to take God up on his invitation to walk, talk and pray.

Prayer doesn’t require lofty language in a sacred space. It doesn’t have to be eloquent it can be simple and spontaneous. It can be short or it can be long. It can be in the language of angels just as much as from the mouth of a child.

Take time today, tomorrow and every day to see that the ordinary moments of everyday life are the perfect occasions for walking with and sharing with God.

Written by Polly Fryer-Saxby


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